Various materials (polyurethane, Paper, Acrylic resin, Aluminum, Wood...)
“ATOMIC ELEMENTS PROJECT” は、『思考・具現化・実験・観察』 を縦横無尽に繰り返す独自の方法論に基づき、幾何学的なカタチを主題にそのものが持つルールや機能を解き明かしながら、まだ見ぬ新しいカタチを探求していく造形実験プロジェクトです。 
“ATOMIC ELEMENTS PROJECT” is an experimental project based on a unique methodology of “thinking, realizing, experimenting, and observing” in an inexhaustible cycle. The project is an experimental modeling project that explores new forms that have not yet been seen, while revealing the rules and functions of geometric shapes. 
The project repeatedly develops and transforms shapes through a multifaceted combination of various elements, including not only the external form of the shape, but also the properties of the materials and manufacturing techniques that make up the shape, as well as the thoughts, feelings, and historical perceptions of the human being who perceives the shape. 
In this project, every detour, every deviation from the rules, every possible failure, and every unproductive time is viewed positively, and by not setting a clear goal, the multiplication of various events repeatedly expands and converges, creating a chain reaction of unexpected by-products. 
This kind of “non-teleological thinking” is the fundamental idea of the project, and we believe that this non-planned way of thinking is the foundation for creating alternative values, and through the accumulation of by-products, we would like to present the possibilities of such thinking. 
In this exhibition, we will present a group of works that explore the development of forms starting from the “square,” which has been a continuous theme since 2015.

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